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Month: December, 2011

What it takes

What it takes

Paige! What kind of interview is this?
“A really good one! This guy wanted to know if I have what it takes to handle this position, so you know…I had to show him my skills. He seemed on the fence about hiring me so I knew I had to do something crazy to change his mind. Sucking his cock and fucking him did the trick, though. Now he knows I have what it takes to succeed.”

How would you rate the sex with him?
“It was awesome. The sex itself felt really good. I came a couple of times. And on top of that the whole situation was hot. I loved having sex with a boss man in his office and being bent over his desk while he slid his cock in and out of me. Some other employees knocked on the door while we were fucking but he told them to come back later. It was so hot.”

So, you did get the job, right?
“Yes. He told me that I have a bright career ahead of me at this company. And that my position comes with a lot of benefits. He winked at me when he said that, so I hope that means we get to fuck in his office a lot more!”

What do you think he liked the most about fucking you?
“Well, first of all I think he thought that I was hot. I noticed him checking me out the second I walked in. I think he also liked that I was assertive and came on to him first. He was moaning a lot when I blew him so he must’ve liked that. But most of all I think he liked that I let him cum inside my pussy.”

What it takes

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Slutty Skater

Slutty Skater

Cute costume, Sasha.
“Thanks! I’m supposed to be a roller girl. I used to go to the roller rink a lot when I was younger so I’m really good at skating. I can get around on skates without busting my ass, so me being a roller girl for Halloween just made sense.”

Are you going trick or treating or to a Halloween party?
“The college I go to is having a Halloween party so I’m going to that. It’ll be cool ’cause it’s in our gym and it’ll be easy for me to skate around in there. I’m kind of pissed though ’cause my boyfriend doesn’t want to go. He goes to a state university so he thinks community college is below him. Ugh, whatever. If anything I’ll makeout with someone else under the bleachers.”

How come you’re so mad that he isn’t going?
“Because now I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t have a date. But more than that, I’ve always had this fantasy of being fucked at school. This would be the perfect time to sneak off and do it in a lecture hall on top of a professor’s desk or in the bathroom. But he’s being a weenie about it! I guess I’ll have to find someone else to take his place!”

Slutty Skater

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Big, Wild Bush!

Big, Wild Bush!

Lives: London, England; Occupation: Office worker; Age: 22; Born: September 10; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 135 lbs.; Bras: 36C; Panties: Sexy cotton; Anal: One day but not yet; BJs: Still a spitter, sorry; Diddle: Oooh yeah!

“Once I agreed to pose for him, my bloke ran things like he was taking photos for a glam mag,” said Tatiana. “He was pretty good, too, for a carpenter. He told me what to wear to start off in and how he wanted each photo. He set up the background, too, in his flat. The only thing that set him apart from being a pro was that he was naked the whole time, with a big hard-on, and we took several breaks for cock sucking and twat licking. But we held off shagging till he said we were done, then we went at it like crazy. That was the best shag I’ve ever had!”

Big, Wild Bush!

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Pink Hairy Pussy

Horny brunette babe stretching her hairy pink pussy Click here to watch this gallery

Capri Anderson – Balcony Strip Tease

Capri gives you a strip tease on the balcony
Capri Anderson looking amazing while getting completely nude out on the balcony

Jayme Langford – Naughty Birthday Party

Capri celebrating her hot girlfriend Jayme
Heather Carolin, Capri Anderson, Jana Jordan and Jayme Langford are having a birthday party!

“I posed to please my guy.”

Lives: Vancouver, Canada; Occupation: Beautician; Age: 20; Born: August 27; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 132 lbs.; Bras: 36D; Panties: Colorful, sexy; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Love to swallow!; Diddle: Yeah;

“My boyfriend said it would be my titties that would get me published on,” said Jaye. “I think the rest of me is pretty sexy as well, isn’t it? He’s a major tit-freak, and I sometimes have to remind him that my pussy needed more attention than my tits. It wasn’t till I had a brain wave and told him it was like me only playing with his balls and not touching his dick that he finally got the message. If he wasn’t so damned fine at getting me off with his big dick, I might have dumped him, but we’re fine now.”

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Gymnastics paid off!

Gymnastics paid off!

Ali, 19, is a student from Minnesota. She wanted to sex it up with a big-dicked stud to see what it feels like to be totally stuffed. Ali is into gymnastics and is flexible as hell, as she shows the stud. Bet your lover can’t do all the moves that Ali can. And you’d probably break your dick trying them, too. So down-trou and get ready to watch Ali fulfill a dream and earn a jizz salute.

Gymnastics paid off!

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Mature Amateur Dildo Fucking

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Annie Cruz – Net And Latex

A hot filipino american model in latex lingerie
Annie Cruz looking stunning dressed in latex lingerie, boots and netted stockings