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Slutty Skater

Slutty Skater

Cute costume, Sasha.
“Thanks! I’m supposed to be a roller girl. I used to go to the roller rink a lot when I was younger so I’m really good at skating. I can get around on skates without busting my ass, so me being a roller girl for Halloween just made sense.”

Are you going trick or treating or to a Halloween party?
“The college I go to is having a Halloween party so I’m going to that. It’ll be cool ’cause it’s in our gym and it’ll be easy for me to skate around in there. I’m kind of pissed though ’cause my boyfriend doesn’t want to go. He goes to a state university so he thinks community college is below him. Ugh, whatever. If anything I’ll makeout with someone else under the bleachers.”

How come you’re so mad that he isn’t going?
“Because now I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t have a date. But more than that, I’ve always had this fantasy of being fucked at school. This would be the perfect time to sneak off and do it in a lecture hall on top of a professor’s desk or in the bathroom. But he’s being a weenie about it! I guess I’ll have to find someone else to take his place!”

Slutty Skater

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