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What it takes

What it takes

Paige! What kind of interview is this?
“A really good one! This guy wanted to know if I have what it takes to handle this position, so you know…I had to show him my skills. He seemed on the fence about hiring me so I knew I had to do something crazy to change his mind. Sucking his cock and fucking him did the trick, though. Now he knows I have what it takes to succeed.”

How would you rate the sex with him?
“It was awesome. The sex itself felt really good. I came a couple of times. And on top of that the whole situation was hot. I loved having sex with a boss man in his office and being bent over his desk while he slid his cock in and out of me. Some other employees knocked on the door while we were fucking but he told them to come back later. It was so hot.”

So, you did get the job, right?
“Yes. He told me that I have a bright career ahead of me at this company. And that my position comes with a lot of benefits. He winked at me when he said that, so I hope that means we get to fuck in his office a lot more!”

What do you think he liked the most about fucking you?
“Well, first of all I think he thought that I was hot. I noticed him checking me out the second I walked in. I think he also liked that I was assertive and came on to him first. He was moaning a lot when I blew him so he must’ve liked that. But most of all I think he liked that I let him cum inside my pussy.”

What it takes

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