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Month: August, 2019

Wish My Girlfriend Would Watch This

Mia Khalifa is by far my favorite pornstar. I love how fucking exotic and beautiful she looks. Also she has those huge iconic tits of hers and that amazing body. However, the fact that she is such a horny babe with a perverted mind and an immense sexual appetite has always been what made me unable to get enough. 

She doesn’t really do porn anymore, but I will never tire of her videos and the fantasies that they spawn. One of my favorites is this one where she shows just how to suck a cock as she does. I love the way she is instructing and breaking it down to 4 steps. But also I love watching bitches suck dick right! The thing that really makes it my favorite though is that I realized, I can use it as a tool to get my girlfriend to suck my cock just like Mia! Now all I have to do is close my eyes and I know exactly what it would feel like to get a blowie from Mia herself!

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Hot New Porn Site

From the highly respected Mr. and Mrs. Madison, comes the fantastic new site, 5K Porn. At their incredible new site, the XXX scenes are all shot in 5K Ultra Hi-Def clarity, for a picture like you have never seen before in the porn industry. The movies on 5K are all shot in true 5120×2880 resolution at 6 frames per second, and there are an astounding 14.7 million pixels per frame. There is no detail missed in such top-notch quality of shooting. 

The exquisite models that had courage enough to be shot under such impeccable quality, are great talents in addition to their radiant beauty, and it’s not a shock at all, that Kelly and Ryan were able to snag such amazing girls, with their reputation in the industry. Some of those sexy babes include Anna Blaze, Chloe Temple, Keira Croft, and Izzy Lush, though there are many others. 

This is not a site you want to miss out on. Explicitly hardcore XXX action in the clearest, most crisp picture thus far ever seen, and it’s porn! Couldn’t ask for more! Join now and you will benefit from this 5KPorn discount for up to 34% off!