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The Neck-Breaker

The Neck-Breaker

Nomy, you said that guys call you the “neck breaker.” What does that mean?
“It means that whenever I walk down the street, guys almost break their necks checking me out as I pass them. I
don’t really notice it, but other people tell me that they always notice guys checking me out. I guess it doesn’t
help that I like to wear really tight clothes and skimpy skirts.”

Why do you dress that way?
“I like to dress sexy. It makes me feel attractive, and I like to show off my body. I workout a lot and I want everyone to see what hard work can get you!”

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”
I fucked this yoga instructor after a class once. I waited till everyone left, then I went up to him to ask him something. We started talking, and somehow I managed to seduce him into fucking me right there on a mat!”

The Neck-Breaker

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