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The Young & The Breastless

The Young & The Breastless

Candace! Isn’t it way past your bedtime?

“Yeah, it is, but whatever! I know I’m going to hear shit from my parents for being out past curfew, but I’m 18 now and I can do whatever I want. And right now I want to fuck. I told my boyfriend I would suck his cock if he sucked my toes. My feet are super sensitive and whenever someone’s tongue is sliding all over them I get the shivers. It’s a super turn-on! And I kept my end of the bargain. After my boyfriend sucked my toes I gave his cock lots of attention with my mouth.”

How do you like to suck your boyfriend’s cock?

Everyone has a method. “I do it however the guy likes it. My method is whatever works. My boyfriend likes it when I start off slow and just tease his cock with my lips and tongue. Then after I’ve dragged my tongue around his head and shaft for a while, I’ll slowly work his cock into my mouth. I’ll inch my way down to his balls, then start moving my head up and down and using my hand. That’s what he likes.”

And what is it that you like, Candace?

“Everything! Well, not everything. But all the basics. But the biggest turn-on has to be when the guy really seems like he has the hots for me. He can be doing whatever he wants to me, as long as he seems like he’s really into it. That’s what makes me horny, when he’s getting crazed over my pussy.”

So was the sex worth getting in trouble with your parents?

“Totally! They bitched at me but I tuned them out. The whole time I was thinking of the hot sex I just had, and how I came all over my boyfriend’s cock.”

The Young & The Breastless

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