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Teen Beauty Queen

Teen Beauty Queen

Welcome back, Caprice! What have you been up to?

“I lost my virginity and I’ve been having lots of sex! I don’t want a boyfriend so I have two guys that I sleep with regularly. Before I had sex I wasn’t interested in having friends with benefits, but now I’ve changed my mind about that.”

Why did you change your mind about fuck buddies?

“Because I really liked the freedom of being single, but I didn’t want to be sleeping around with too many guys. At first I was afraid I would get attached, but when I started having sex I realized that I could enjoy amazing orgasms without liking the other person.”

What was your first time like?

“It was amazing. The guy had a big dick so I was a little nervous, but he was really good about putting it in slow and taking his time. He ate me out for a long time before he fucked me so I was really horny. I wanted it bad, and I think that’s what made it good.”

Teen Beauty Queen

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