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The Best Public Sex You Could Ever Have!

Everybody loves watching a woman who gives it her all on camera, and at BoxTruckSex, they manage to pick out some of the best women to watch! Approaching random women on busy European streets to step into their truck made of one-way mirrors, BoxTruckSex is taking public sex to a whole new level.

Using whatever persuasion that works (including free massages, paid photoshoots, paid porn casting in public, and more), the two-person crew talk the hottest women into getting into the truck. Once the women are in the truck, the crew makes sure to get the women as comfortable as possible. Once these hot women are aroused by the idea of having sex in such a public place, the filmmakers waste no time!

Once the girls know they’re on camera, though, they definitely seem to be going for the gold! Some girls are better than others, but almost all of the BoxTruckSex women seem to really be getting off on the idea of having sex only feet from where other strangers are walking right outside the truck. Hey, I like it too.