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Sweet & Sexy

Sweet & Sexy

Jewel, you almost look too innocent to be posing for our magazine!

“I may look sweet, and I think in general I am also pretty nice and sweet. But I’m also the biggest perv you’ll probably ever meet! My mind is always in the gutter. I think about sex constantly! I’m even hornier and more dirty-minded than most of the guys I know. I hide it pretty well though.”

Are guys intimidated by your sexuality?

“Some of them are. I think they just expect me to be this innocent, little blonde girl, and then when I tell them that I want to suck their cocks in the movie theatre or jack them off in a restaurant they get a little caught off guard, you know?”

So you must have some good sex stories then. Share one with us?

“One day in class I was daydreaming about my professor’s cock, and my pussy started leaking like crazy and I came without even touching myself! But then I freaked out because I could feel there was a huge wet spot under my ass, and I didn’t want to get up for everyone to see it. So after class I waited for everyone to leave, but the professor was taking forever and he wouldn’t stop asking me what was wrong. So I grabbed his hand and put it on my sopping wet pussy. We ended up banging right there!”

Sweet & Sexy

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