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Slim ‘n’ Stacked

Slim 'n' Stacked

In the Sept. ’10 issue you wanted to hook up with your professor. Did it happen?
“It sure did. He totally rocked my world. He’s not just booksmart, he’s pussysmart, too! My professor knows exactly what to do to make a girl cum. He was awesome with his tongue, and even better with his cock!”

How did it end up happening?
“I stayed after class one day and flashed him my pussy. I was wearing a skirt with no panties. He seemed interested so I put his hand on my pussy. We started kissing and one thing led to
another. He ate me out on top of his desk, then bent me over and fucked me so good. We made a mess of the place!”

We bet you ended up getting an A in that class!
“I did, but not because I fucked my professor! I’m actually a good student who studies and does her homework. In fact, that’s how my professor knew that I really wanted to fuck him. He told me that other girls have tried to bribe him with sex to get a passing grade. But since I was already doing well in the class he didn’t have to worry about that. Now that the semester is over we’re still seeing each other. I still come by his class at the end of the day to have some fun, and sometimes I like to bring toys with me like blindfolds, rope and handcuffs!”

Slim 'n' Stacked

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