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Welcome Gia. She’s a Floridian who likes to cum under the sun.
As a Sunshine State girl, Gia spends a lot of time outdoors, and she loves to lounge by the water. When she’s at the beach, she dares to go topless, and in the privacy of her own pool, she becomes even more uninhibited. “When my parents aren’t home, I’ll go skinny dipping in our pool. I love it because I get an even tan and it feels good to be naked outside like that,” Gia divulged. But the Latin teen doesn’t stop there. She makes good use of the pool’s water jets by hanging her pussy over them and enjoying the pressure on her clit. “I can cum that way. It’s even better than using my vibrator. The way I do it is by holding myself over the edge of the pool with my elbows and putting my pussy over the jet. When I cum that way, I shake so much that I always get these burns on my elbows from the concrete edge.”

So do you take a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach to masturbating?
“Um, not really. I’m not that into pain and sex. For me, sexual stuff is supposed to feel good, not hurt! And I can only stand one orgasm from the pool jet ’cause my elbows are usually too sore after that. And I think if I went another round on the jet my clit would explode. So after that I’ll just take it easy and finger myself or take a nap.”

Have any of your neighbors seen you skinny dipping?
“Yes! I didn’t even realize it till like, two weeks after he had been watching me! And I had been doing some freaky stuff.”

What happened?
“The house next door is two stories and the man who lives there was watching me from a window on the second floor. I was surprised at how much it turned me on. Now I put a show on for him by getting naked and spreading my legs.

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