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Poolside Pounding

Poolside Pounding

Do you always seduce poolboys, Kita?

“Only if they’re cute. And I don’t seduce them, I just ask them to put sunblock on me… and then I take off my bathing suit and lay out in the sun or go for a swim. That’s not really seducing, that’s just having fun, right?” That sounds seductive to us.

How did you end up fucking this guy?

“Okay, fine. Maybe it is a little seductive. But what am I supposed to do when I’m always horny! Anyway, I asked the poolboy to put some sunblock on me, and I was getting really into it. I felt his boner popping out so I put his hand on my tit, and we just went crazy from there. He was a little nervous though because he was afraid my parents would see.”

But we’re guessing your parents didn’t see you two?

“No way. They weren’t home so I knew it was safe. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble, but more importantly I wouldn’t want to get such a cute poolboy fired. Then what would I do on boring Saturdays? I want to keep him around ’cause he gave me some really good dick. It felt so good and hard when I got on top and slid down his cock. I came right then, and we hadn’t started fucking yet!” That’s hot.

Did you guys do any fucking in the water?

“No we didn’t. I know lots of girls say they like to fuck in the water, but it just doesn’t work for me. But we fucked next to the water and that was good enough for me! I got carried away and I was being kind of loud. I hope the neighbors didn’t hear. Actually I kind of hope they did hear, just as long as they don’t tell my parents!”

Poolside Pounding

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