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“My first big dick.”

How good is your memory for faces? Kalie, a 19-year-old store clerk from Jackson, Mississippi, appeared solo in our December ’10 issue. She is 5’2″, weighs 140 pounds, wears 34C bras and prefers thongs. Like many other babes who have gone solo for us, she decided that she wanted to take the next step and fuck one of our studs. “I tried to get my boyfriend to come with me to do me, but he had performance anxiety just sitting on his couch, so he told me to go do a pro,” said Kalie. “He said he wouldn’t be at all jealous and looked forward to seeing me in the mag. Then, the day before I was to leave for Miami, he dumped me. I love oral sex before we screw because cumming gets me ready for sex,” said Kalie. “I’m really passive in bed. I’ll do whatever the guy tells me and enjoy it. Once I’m primed, I know that I’ll be able to have at least one orgasm before the guy’s done. With Pete, I’d had two before I hardly knew it! The main thing about taking on a big dick like Pete’s was trying to suck it: talk about more than a mouthful! I tried my best. Once we started screwing, I didn’t really notice the bigger size in my pussy at all. I’d thought that my ex-boyfriend had a big cock but, compared to Pete’s, he really didn’t. I would have loved to be able to feel Pete shoot his load inside me–I love that feeling–but I was quite happy to get a hot jizz facial. I was so into Pete and his cock that I didn’t realize that the guys were shooting video of us as well,” said Kalie. “In fact, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if a busload of Japanese tourists had come by to watch us. Now I wonder if I’ll ever experience another totally sexed-up day like that one.”

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