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“I’d like bigger boobs.”

“I’m pretty happy with the way I look, except I’d like bigger boobs,” said Autumn. “Not huge, silly-looking tits, just a nice pair of 34Ds so I could have some real cleavage and wear sexy, low-cut outfits. I’m, like, 75 percent committed to getting the job done in the next year or so, and, in fact, my check from NN will go into my special titty fund. But I posed because my boyfriend has been super-sweet and understanding over an annoying little problem I had, and I wanted to reward him with a really personal present. My guy just got prints of these photos,” said Autumn. “I downloaded the photos and cleared them off his camera just to be sure. I mean, we’re dating now, but who knows what next week or next month might bring? It’s because of thinking like this that he calls me ‘The Pessimist.’ He also calls me a flirt because I enjoy teasing guys and having them check me out. Sometimes, just like a dad would, my guy gets into me about covering up more before going out because I’m dressed too sexy.”

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