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Going For A Ride

Going For A Ride

What in the world are you doing, Sophia?

“Just what I need to do to get a ride. Waiting for the bus sucks, and I never have any spare change! So I can usually find a guy who’s willing to give me a ride. In exchange, I show him my body.”

Does it turn you on to do that?

“It totally does. I especially like undressing while the guy is still driving. They want to stare at me but they have to keep their eyes on the road if they don’t want to crash, which almost happened before!”

Do you just get naked or do you masturbate, too?

“I’ll masturbate sometimes. It just depends. Sometimes I’ll just sit there naked and squeeze my boobs or spread my pussy lips open. But the guy driving almost always starts jerking off. Once a guy in another car followed us ’cause he saw me naked, and he was jerking off the whole time!”

Have you ever fucked one of the guys who gave you a ride?

“I have a couple of times. It was really hot. I cum really good when I’m on top and the guy is sitting up, the way you are when you fuck in the backseat. It feels so good.”

Going For A Ride

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