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Flex For Sex

Flex For Sex

It’s summertime and the cumming’s easy. Bonnie is enjoying her time off by getting off.

School has just let out and Bonnie has a lot of time on her hands before she goes away to college. She’s looking forward to all the hot upperclassmen on campus, but wants to make sure she gets the experience to impress them. “I want to be really good in the sack, so I’m fucking all the time to get better.”

All those years of gymnastics have really paid off, and not just with a hot body.

Bonnie puts her flexibility to good use on a daily basis. Being able to do a split or pull one leg behind her head puts Bonnie a step ahead of the rest. She stretches every day to stay limber and flexible. When she gets her pussy licked, Bonnie grabs her ankles in her hands and spreads her legs open as far as they will go. And when she fucks, she gets on top and straddles the cock in a complete split. After all, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

“What’s your favorite position, Bonnie?”

“When I have sex I love all positions. But when I give blow jobs, I really like to do it while in a backbend. I love it when the guy is fucking my face and I’m taking it all the way down my throat like a champ.”

Flex For Sex

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