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Cum-Filled Nerd

Cum-Filled Nerd

What’s up with the nerdy get-up?
“Believe it or not, I was a nerd in high school until I turned into a bad girl. But honestly, that nerdy side is still inside of me. Sometimes I like to put on my glasses and suspenders just for the fun of it. I was helping
this guy study so I thought it would be fitting to dress that way. He must’ve been into it ’cause he sure fucked me like he was!”

How did you break the ice to fuck this guy?
“While we were studying I kept getting closer to him until our shoulders were touching. Then we made eye contact and just ended up kissing. And from there I guess we both got turned on. I started feeling my
pussy getting wet. I grabbed his cock and it was hard, so I took it out and sucked it!”

What did he do that you liked the most, Allison?
“Everything! But if I had to pick I’d say that he was really good at pounding my pussy. Some of the guys I’ve been with didn’t know how to pound me right, but this guy did! And I liked how he would
go hard and fast for a little, then go slow and move his dick around in a circle.”

How come you decided to let him cum inside of your pussy?
“‘Cause I was that horny! With the way he fucked me, he deserved it. Usually the first time you fuck someone it’s not that good, but it was awesome with him. Better than I expected! He knew how to work that dick. When I was riding him, he pulled my buttcheeks and I could feel my tight, little pussy opening up to take more of him in. Amazing! That’s why I let him cum in me.”

Cum-Filled Nerd

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