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Anal-Loving Asian

Anal-Loving Asian

Jayden, the word around town is that you love butts.

“I do! I don’t think there’s anything hotter than a girl or a guy with a nice, round ass. It’s always the first thing I look at when I check someone out. I guess you could say I have a bit of a butt fetish. And it’s not just when it comes to other people, either. I like having my ass played with. I have a collection of butt plugs and anal beads, and I think that anal sex is god’s gift to man…and woman! Nothing gets me off harder than a stiff one up my tight, little ass.”

How did you first get into anal sex?

“Even before I found out that people had anal sex, I had been curious about it. Before I knew much about sex I would play with my ass a lot when I masturbated, and I thought I was weird because of that. When I found out that people are actually into anal play I was so relieved, and I knew I had to try it one day. I did it with my first boyfriend and have been hooked on it ever since.”

You sound like a freaky chick! How often do you do anal?

Every time you fuck? “I don’t do anal every time I fuck. But I do it somewhat frequently. When I’m really turned on is when I like to do it. So if I’m fucking a guy and the sex is just whatever, then I’m not going to do anal with him. But if we’re screwing and I’m getting really into it and cumming like crazy, then I want to get fucked in the ass. It just depends on how horny you can make me. I don’t discriminate on dick size either. Smaller ones are okay because they’re easier, but I’ll gladly let a really hung guy put it in my ass so long as he can work it.”

Anal-Loving Asian

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