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The Best Public Sex You Could Ever Have!

Everybody loves watching a woman who gives it her all on camera, and at BoxTruckSex, they manage to pick out some of the best women to watch! Approaching random women on busy European streets to step into their truck made of one-way mirrors, BoxTruckSex is taking public sex to a whole new level.

Using whatever persuasion that works (including free massages, paid photoshoots, paid porn casting in public, and more), the two-person crew talk the hottest women into getting into the truck. Once the women are in the truck, the crew makes sure to get the women as comfortable as possible. Once these hot women are aroused by the idea of having sex in such a public place, the filmmakers waste no time!

Once the girls know they’re on camera, though, they definitely seem to be going for the gold! Some girls are better than others, but almost all of the BoxTruckSex women seem to really be getting off on the idea of having sex only feet from where other strangers are walking right outside the truck. Hey, I like it too.

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You know what’s great about having a fantasy? It’s great because it can be just about anything that you want. Lately I’ve been living out some of my wildest dreams with the sexiest stunners online. It’s all thanks to me finally getting off my fat ass and getting a VR Headset Porn. I really don’t know why I waited this long to get one, from the moment I used it I knew there was no going back to the old way that I was watching my xxx porno.

I’m sure we’ve all had some seriously hot experiences over the years and while that’s great, those have nothing on what could be experienced with real virtual reality sex. I think mind-blowing would be a good way to describe the feeling you get when watching full vr sex movies, even that doesn’t really do it justice, it’s something that you can only feel once you’ve actually done it.

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Vice Explores: How Often Do You Have Sex?

Vice writers read an article in the Daily Mail which stated that the ideal amount of times to have sex per week is just one. They were pretty appalled at that number because they figured that people must be having sex way more than that. So, Vice took to the streets of New York to find out how often the real people of the world are having sexual relations.

The first interviewee, Gary, a 32 year old guy in a relationship said he has sex with his lady about 3 times per week. Gary believes that having sex more than once a week is just a given in a relationship.

A cute purple haired girl Mona has sex with her date once a week. Even though this is the prescribed minimum from The Daily Mail, Mona wishes it would be a whole lot more. In fact horny Mona wishes she would have sex five times each week! “Even if your libido is low, you should be having sex more than once a week.” Mona advises.

Pete, a guy in a relationship for two years has sex with his woman about 3 to 5 times each week. Natalie, a single lady said she is in a dry spell now, but in her last relationship she would have sex once a day or more. For her, the absolute minimum to have sex is three times a week for any relationship, but for her, once a day is definitely good.

Finally, a cute brunette named Isabella said she has sex with her partner 1-2 times per week, but only because they can only see each other on the weekends. “It’s not enough for me, if I’m honest. I have a pretty high sex drive, so sometimes I feel like I want more.” She told Vice.

So there you have it. Most people want to have sex more than once a week!

Source: Vice Explores: How Often Do You Have Sex?

You Know You Have to Avoid Hook Up Sites When

I wish I could tell you that all hook ups sites are created equal. Unfortunately, if I were to say that I would be flat out lying to you. The sad reality of our modern dating culture and the online adult dating industry is that the vast majority of websites that claim to be hook up sites are nothing but. I’m not saying that you will never, ever get laid using these websites. I’m not saying that at all. That’s too much of a big claim to make.


However, I can safely claim that these websites probably will give the same results as if you did not go on these websites at all. That’s right, even if you did not know of the internet and you just go out to a local bar or you get on Facebook and you hook up through referrals of your friends, you probably will experience the same level of success. If you think about it that way, then these hook up sites are not worth joining. Why would I join a website when I get the same results without having to join the website? I hope you can see the logic here.


If you don’t want to be put in this situation, you just need to know certain things to look for so you can avoid hook up sites. Again, the sad reality is that the vast majority of them are complete and total waste of your time. So, what things do you need to look out for?


First, they focus on money


If you go to a website that claims to be a free hook up site but they try all sorts of shenanigans to get you to whip out your credit card and fill out its information on a form, chances are that website is probably going to be a low-performing website. Keep in mind that I did not say that that website is an out and out fraud. I did not say that the website is a complete and total waste of your time. However, I am saying +that you probably will not get the kind of results that you’re looking for. If it’s all about the money, chances are it’s a good idea to walk away.


It’s filled with assholes


If you’re on a website that’s filled with assholes, and I’m talking about the chicks here, chances are that website is a very hostile website. What this means is that there is a hostile community and guess what, birds of a feather flock together. Assholes tend to run in packs. If these chicks are bitches, then chances are it’s going to be very hard for you to take your game to the next level because you have to overcome their bitchiness. This is too much work so you might want to go for other hook up sites and try your luck there. It’s all about waging the right battle. You have to make sure that the website that you’re on is worthy of your time and effort.

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