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This Will Teach you a Lesson

You have to commend this teacher right. Instead of just outright punishing this student for masturbating at school he found a win-win solution. he realised she had a need, else she would not have done that in the first place and instead of just taking it away from her he replaced it with another activity that fulfilled her need. Teacher of the year I say.

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If I sound a little bit lost for words at the moment it’s because I am trying my best to get my head around how many xxx images I just found on that site. Honestly, there are 1000’s of them and besides the huge number of them what really impressed me the most was the quality of them.

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Passionate Porn

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You Want It-Team Skeet’s Got It

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Ultimate Kinky Porn

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Daddy’s Little Girl is a Whore

Working as a handyman can get pretty interesting. I did it part time in college and never knew what I was going to come across. I was let into all kinds of houses and found all sorts of things going on in them that I wouldn’t have guessed from looking at them from outside. Nothing could have prepared me for the job I’m about to tell you about though.

I get a call from a guy wanting to know if I can come do some really basic stuff like replace smoke detector batteries and air filters. He was disabled, in a wheelchair, and just couldn’t do it himself. I told him the minimum charge and he agreed to it. It would be easy money, so I went to his house that same day.

Things seemed pretty normal at first. He followed me around in his chair, telling me stories of when he was my age and I pretended to be paying attention as I worked. When he took me to a room to switch out batteries, he opened the door without knocking and there was his 19-year-old daughter in the middle of a cam show! Tits out, legs spread, vibrator sticking out of her pussy. She quickly closed her laptop and tried covering herself with a blanket. A yelling match between father and daughter ensued. He knew she cammed because she helped pay for the house but he was mad she was doing it while the handyman was over. He told her she had embarrassed him. I said it was okay, I’d just check the other detectors and come back to the room in a few minutes. Then he said he saw I was hard and I might as well fuck his daughter and do the work for free. Then he wheeled himself out angrily. After that, his daughter gave me a blowjob. I didn’t even say anything, she just did it.

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Mommy Knows Best

Do you know what’s great about hot young sluts? When they get older they turn into the next generation of hot Milfs! So if your girls won’t stop stressing about aging, tell her you’ll have a whole new reason to knock her up if she’s game. “Yeah, bitch. Let’s make some kids. Stretch-marks make me horny!” They fall for those smooth-ass lines every goddamn time.

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Not Your Average MILF Site

When I watch porn I want to see the kind of women I would fuck in real life. Obviously these women are way hotter than any I would be able to land but they’re still the same age group. I don’t chase after teens, they don’t do anything for me with their lack of inexperience. Yes, they tend to be eager, but the training involved is too much for me. MILFs have already been around the block and know what to do and how to do it.

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Time savings ways with these porn search engines

I always on the ball when it comes to time savers. I have a very busy life like most of us, as such if I can find a way of shaving a few minutes off doing something, that’s exactly what I am going to do. There are many ways of doing this you just have to be always on the look out.

One thing that I’ve managed to take note of is it is usually right in front of you. It was like the time a buddy of mine told me to check out this list of porn search engines. I was grateful for the offer but at the same time I was thinking sure I will look at it later.

Soon enough I’d completely forgotten about it and it wasn’t until I came across it by chance that I did take a look. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and boy do I wish I had it now. That list would have saved me so much hassle, at least I have it now and I’m going to be putting it to good use.